Liberator Talea Spreader Bar Dallas

More Than Just A Bar

Liberator Talea at The Spot Dallas

Trust Liberator to take the spreader bar concept and make it even more awesome. The Talea is a padded bolster with two cuff connection points at each end. Use it like a traditional spreader bar to keep wrists or ankles separated. Or, use it as support for hips, knees, and more. Or, use it for both at the same time!

Liberator Talea Up Close at The Spot Dallas

Liberator offers the Talea as a stand-alone, or as part of their Black Label collection. With the Black Label option, you also receive two sets of Liberator's padded restraints! Prefer to use your own cuffs? Simply clip them onto the D-rings at each end of the stand-alone Talea.

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